Imperialism: Russia and West

Πραθέτουμε 10 από τα πολλά στοιχεία των τριών διαδικτυακών πηγών σχετικά με την “ιμπεριαλιστική” Ρωσία και τον “ενδοϊμπεριαλιστικό” πόλεμο μεταξύ της Δύσης και της Ρωσίας:

  1. According to 2011 figures, nearly 80% of Ukrainian foreign direct investment (FDI) in Ukraine came from the European Union.
  2. The actual number is actually a little bit lower because about 22.2% of that is comes from Cyprus, a location Ukrainian capitalists use for tax avoidance. Still, that leaves about 60% of Ukraine’s FDI coming from the EU.
  3. Russia, on the other hand, accounted for only 7.6% of FDI. This is a very low number given the historic ties of former Soviet influence.
  4. The state in Russia, which is a continuation of the security (KGB) and military (Red Army) elites of the Soviet period (from 1917-1991) are in the final analysis in charge of the economic and political life of the country, the monopolies are not. This elite is steeped in a world outlook and policies which confronts and is hostile to imperialism.
  5. A fundamental premise of my general analysis is that Russia does not have ‘capital’ in the sense that it exists, ‘capital’ of west europe and north america (and Australia) has a totally different nature based on the world conceptualisation of modern colonialism, more of this shortly.
  6. Russia is not and has never been at the table of Nato and the imperialists in which the imperialists accept Russia’s role AT ALL on the world scene, rather the imperialists have always and continue to develop a policy of open war against Russia, encircling it militarily, and seeking ti downgrade its global allies.
  7. Russia is RESISTING in PARTNERSHIP with the Global South this division of the world by the imperialist powers. Just a few examples of this is Russia’s direction political and military support to ‘latin’ American nations such as Venezuela and Cuba. The Russians had a joint military naval exercise with the Venezuelans in 2007 in the Caribbean waters, this was a major historical victory of the global anti-imperialist movement, so much so, the imperialist media did not want to let you know about it so kept very quiet. The Global South are very content and generally happy with Russia’s support to them.
  8. in the ‘global class war’, Russia stands on the frontline in defence of the first interest of the global working class which is not being destroyed by imperialism.
  9. Russia like every other country of the Global South seeks to exploit tensions between the imperialists for their own advantage…
  10. What about Russia’s capital exports, another key indicator of whether a country sits in the ranks of imperialist countries? In 2012, the stock of direct foreign investment in Russia was $498 billion while the stock of investment abroad was $387 billion. Compare this to Canada, with about one quarter the population of Russia: $992 billion (domestic), $992 billion (abroad). Or Britain, with less than half of Russia’ population: $1.3 trillion and $1.8 trillion, respectively (all figures are 2012, from the CIA Factbook).

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